- Frost Inspired by Kuchiki Rukia

Unmastered: Gives First Dance (Some no Mai): Tsukishiro. Freezes a target in ice that melts piece by piece. At most 6 sec each piece, at least 1/2 sec each. (Total time: 24 / 2) Melt rate based on same principles as bindings; user's reiatsu against the victim's reiatsu and hakuda. Also gives Second Dance (Tsugi no Mai): Hakuren. Creates an ice trail in front of the user that does damage and freezes people in the same manner as Tsukishiro. High accuracy.

Mastered: Tsukishiro has double the target distance and half the cost. Hakuren has half the cost. Gives Third Dance (San no Mai): Shirafune. Creates a frosty layer of ice on the blade that can cause a freeze effect upon each slash. (Random chance.)

General Description: Yay Rukia!

Master it by using the "Dances"

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