Basic Information About Release

Ability: Hajike

You fire a red energy ball from the tip of your blade, that does damage to your opponents, depending on your melee strenght.


Melee gains 1/5th Reiatsu (added to standard Zanjutsu) for damage calculation.

Gives +25% boost to Kidou effects. (This stacks with mastery and chanting bonuses.)

'Hajike' projectile attack deals half melee damage with 20 sec cooldown.


Kidou boost up to +50%.

Hajike does full melee damage.

How to Master this Release:

To Master:

Use Hajike or hit opponents with your sword.

Usages to Master: Unknown

Demon Focus ShikaiEdit

This Shikai is originally used by Momo Hinamori. Giving you a bonus to your kidou spells, it makes you a most likely underestimated, but dangerous opponent. Binding and shooting at your opponent from a safe range might be your fighting style with this shikai, but the bonus on your Zanjutsu makes you also a formidable opponent in close combat.

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