Basic Information About Release


There are no stat boosts, but you will obtain:

Nake - It fires a wave of red reiatsu that uses (1/12th, unmastered) or (1/20th, mastered) of the user's maximum health.

Chigasumi no Tate - It creates a red shield of reiatsu with 1/10th of the user's health. It lasts one minute or until it is broken through force.


Gains Nake


Gains Chigasumi no Tate.Reduces Nake's usage to 1/20th of the user's maximum health and turns it into a piercing wave.

How to Master this Release:

To Master:

Use Nake repetitively.

Usages to Master: Unknown

Blood Inspired by Urahara KisukeEdit

A gambler's Shikai that can kill the user; it is not for the faint of heart! One of the few Shikai that gives new skills instead of an Attack modifier.

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