Basic Information About Release

Ability: Vastly boosts your Zanjutsu, and gives you two projectiles: La Gota and Cascada.

Unmastered: Zanjutsu buffed 50% and Agility buffed 100%. Cannot use Hakuda, all attacks are sword-based.

Mastered: Zanjutsu buffed 100% and Agility buffed 200%, you also gain Cascada, a 3-tile wide projectile which deals Zanjutsu damage.

How to Master this Release:

You can either activate your Resurrección or use La Gota. Each adds +1 to usage.

Uses to Master: 400.

Based upon Tia Halibel, the Shark Resurrección is capable of inflicting massive ammounts of damage in short periods of time. With its ability to hit multiple opponents with its projectiles, and huge boosts to Zanjutsu and Agility, the Shark Resurrección is truely a force to be reckoned with.

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