Basic Information About Release

Ability: Reiatsu, Hakuda and Zanjutsu get a boost depending on the ammount of Hollow Kills you have.

Unmastered: Reiatsu, Hakuda and Zanjutsu boost is equal to 1/1000th of your Hollow Kills. It is restricted to at least 20%, but at maximum 100%. This drains every 30 seconds, and is called Eater Buff. You also gain Hollow Blast which uses 1/5th of Eater Buff to fire.

Mastered: Maximum buff is increased to 200%, and Eater Blast consumes only 1/10 of Eater Buff, while dealing 3x damage.

How to Master this Release:

You can either activate your Resurrección or use Hollow Blast. Each adds +1 to usage.

Uses to Master: 400.

Inspired by Aaroniero Arruruerie, the Eater Resurrección depends on the sheer ammount of Hollow kills you have. Most of your skills will get a buff for a limited time, which shall drain every 30 seconds. You will also gain Hollow Blast, an ability that launches a huge ammount of hollows (depending on how much you have), at your opponent, which then, if it hits, deals a very large ammount of damage.

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