UnmasteredDespair MasteredDespair3
Basic Information About Release

Ability: The player gains a boost in Hakuda and agility, while also being able to use a projectile/weapon called Lanza del Relampago. Can also fly over buildings and people.

Unmastered: 60% agility and hakuda boost. Lanza del Relampago.

Mastered: Agility and Hakuda increased to 150%, and you gain the second form shown, known as Segunda Etapa.

How to Master this Release:

You can either activate your Resurrección or use Lanza del Relampago. Each adds +1 to usage.

Uses to Master: 400.

Inspired by Ulquiorra Schiffer, the Despair Resurrección truely lives up to its name. Along with Lanza del Relampago, you gain a much faster, though shorter black cero, which has next to no cooldown and no charge up time. Truely the stuff of nightmares.

Note: The hair shown in the pictures varies upon style, and the tan in Segunda Etapa also changes depending on the skin tone you chose upon creation.

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