Hello there Shinzui new players.

You must be wondering how to start playing, I will be giving you a few starting tips that will prevent you from being sorry later in-game

Stat DescriptionsEdit

Zanjutsu: Zanjutsu determines your ability in sword combat. Train it by slashing enemys with your sword.

Hakuda: Hakuda is hand-to-hand combat. Train it by attacking an enemy with your hands (sometimes when getting hit too).

Reiatsu: Reiatsu is used for Kidou, and some other moves (such as Cero). You can train it by using moves that consume Reiatsu or by holding Alt+P (doesn't work with quincys). However you can only Focus Reiatsu until you have mastered it. Then you have to use another method to train Reiatsu.

Health: Health is your primary life-line. Without it, you're dead. You can train your health by being hit or by training your Quincy glove.

Stamina: If you have no stamina you become limited on the actions you can do. A couple examples would be, you can't attack or shyunpo (same with the other two mentioned in the next sentence). You can train it by walking around, using shyunpo, hirenkyaku, or sonido.

Level: Your level is basically your accumulated experience. After level 6000, you don't level anymore (technically speaking). Instead you gain sublevels which give you subpoints. You can spend subpoints to increase stats, which is where your spec comes into play. On the Top Players list, anyone above level 6000 has sublevels.

First - Stats:Edit

In Shinzui there are different stats, the more you use a certain stat the more it increases and so your level increases.
Each player has one stat that increase faster than the others, spec stats. The spec stat is randomized upon character creation, you can't change it mid-game.
When you first make your character you must check your spec and if you don't like it, remake.
You can check your spec by accessing "Spend Points" at the top menu under "Options", spec stats gain more points per stat points, for example, if your spec was you'd see +2 right next to it instead of +1 (+20 and +25 for Health and Stamina when they're not your spec)
What stat should I choose? Whatever fits your fighting style... do you like rei based attacks or do you like slashing things.... do you like getting cut a lot and staying alive like Zaraki or do you like do you like being able to fight for a long time(stamina).

Second - Pick a Class:Edit

Now that we have a character with spec stat we like, we can choose the class we want.
In Shinzui, you can change your class how many times you'd like, you don't have to remake for a new class.
I recommend going hollow first for one simple reason, Garganta, when mastering Garganta you can use it at any class.
After that you can change your class to whatever class you would like to be.
For race training information, look at the third step.

Third - Class Training Methods:Edit


Quincies train by shooting arrows(Health and Stamina training) or using the spiriton room(Rei,Health Training), the spirition room can be found right behind a book shelf in the hospital.
Saneri glove is also an effective way to train your health, you require to shoot 500 arrows until it is mastered, this however, drains your Health until you die(you'd have to die a few times). After the glove is mastered your arrows power is doubled.


Shinigamis train by slashing/cutting/attacking hollows while your sword is drawn, by doing so you will achieve shikai.
After you achieve shikai, you can use your shikai until you receive a new verb called "Materialization", by beating your Zanpakuto's materialization form you will achieve bankai.

I recommend aiming to get Speed bankai as it speeds your attacking rate and increases training speed (Vizard mask offers the same attack rate boost and can be used for hakuda training).
Using Kido,as a Shinigami is how you train your Rei.(Fast way of doing so is using your Kido on Event: Sextuple Experience)
Any basic race not in this section does not have any special training method.

VFAQs - Very Frequently Asked Questions:Edit

How do I get shikai? You need to slash hollows with your Zanpakuto drawn, it can take up to 1,000 slashes.
How do I change my class to [classname]? View the Class Guide.
I hate my Shikai/Bankai/Kraft/Resurrection, can I change it? You can change your release from your class shop, for exmpale, Urahara and Hitsugaya Toshiro sell a new Zanpakuto for 2,000 Yen.
What are Ponies? Ponies are a class that can be given out by Zhug. They can change their appearance and fool you into believing that they are something or someone completely different. Best way to find out who they are is to look for suspicious activity, then check their names and keys in order to keep track of who they are. Example below.
Vizard, Adjuchas, Pony

Left to right: A Vizard, an Adjuchas, and a Pony.


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