Basic Information About Release

Ability: Depending on where you hit on the victim, they experience a different, but deadly effect..

Unmastered: 300% accuracy boost. Each arrow will hit different areas of the opponents body, causing different effects.

Head Shots: Double Damage.

Heart Shots: Instant Kill.

Shoulder Shots: Half Damage.

Arm Shots: Lower Attack Speed.

Leg Shots: Lower Movement Speed.

Mastered: No mastery form as of yet.

How to Master this Release:

Shoot arrows while this kraft is active to master. Each arrow shot counts as +2 to usage.

Uses to Master: 5000

A target-based Kraft, which allows you to hit different areas of the body, which will cause different effects. The Heart shot won't kill creatures that do not have a heart, such as Hollows and Arrancar.

In the hands of the right Raincyr, this Kraft could prove deadly.

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