Basic Information About Release

Ability: The ability to burn an opponent while entrapping them with barrages of flame.

Unmastered: Arrows have limited range, and cannot reach very far, so the trail will not get very big.

Mastered: The arrows range will double, allowing the user to hit targets further away. The trail of flame is also doubled in length.

How to Master this Release:

Shoot arrows while this kraft is active to master. Each arrow shot counts as +1 to usage.

Uses to Master: 5000

A slightly newer Kraft, that is slightly buggy. This Kraft shoots arrows which leaves behind trails of fire, which people cannot walk over, but neither can the user. The trails left behind will burn the opponent(s) it is fired at, causing relatively high damage based upon the health of the opponent. This 'burn' CANNOT kill an opponent, but it will leave them on 1hp unless it ends quickly.

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