The Hollow Gene, also known as hGene, is a key component in reaching two of the three top-tier classes; Vizard and Raincyr. Without the hGene, it is impossible to find the Vizard warehouse.

Odds to GetEdit

As of now, there is three ways to become hGene positive, these are as follows. There is no way to get the Hollow Gene as a Hollow or Arrancar, as it is not needed.

Character Creation There is a 0.01% chance to obtain the Hollow Gene upon character creation.
Human/Soul Eaten Being the original and intended way to get the hGene, the player simply has to be eaten by a hollow and avoid becoming a hollow. This is a 3% chance to obtain the Hollow Gene each time you become a Human or Soul instead of Hollow. This requires at least 5 deaths to use.
Shinigami/Quincy Eaten Same way as the Human/Soul eaten method, but without the risk of becoming a Hollow. This is a 0.03% chance to get, and is intended for people to get the Hollow Gene without actually trying for it.

Note: It is IMPOSSIBLE to check if you have the hGene, but you'll know you have it if you find the Vizard warehouse. Unless a GM checks your variables, there's no way to know, and a GM most likely won't check if you just ask.

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