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Q. What events are there?Edit

A. This is the list of events ingame at the moment

Event Name What It Does Odds
Triple Experience All Experience gained is tripled until the event ends. 35%
Invasion Randomly places either a Senkai Gate (in HM) or a Garganta (on Earth) that spawns enemies every 5 seconds, to a maximum of 6 at once.

Not in the Veteran Sever.

Kidou Tutor A single Kidou tutor will appear in the Shinigami Academy. Who this tutor will be is random, but it will cycle through them all before repeating one. 15%
Triple Yen Gain Yen gained from people, or monsters is tripled. Cannot drop yen during this event. 10%
PvP Party :D Everyones PVP is forced on until the end of the event and cannot be turned off. 4%
No Cooldowns

All skill cooldowns are removed until the end of the event.

Player Ranks Cleared This event clears the top players list and removes people offline from it. 1%
All Captains and Lieutenants Demoted In the title, really. All captain and lieutenant spots open up and everyone who is currently a captain/lieutenant is demoted. 1%
Espada Disband The Espada are no more, and you must talk to Aizen to become an Espada again. 1%
God Slayer Phantom Challenge The strongest player in Shinzui ever, comes back with his psychotic clone, the GodSlayer. He's level 200k, and defeating will result in the message "World: Your Name has done the impossible and defeated the God Slayer." ?%
Class Randomizer Gives you the option to change your class. Top tier (Raincyr/Arrancar/Vizard) classes are not included. ?%
Sword Randomizer Allows you the option to change your shikai, bankai or resureccion to any in the game. What you get is random. ?%
Leet Chat "{35 `/0(_) 5934|{ 1!|{3 7|-|!5 !/\/ 00(." Translation: "Causes you to speak like this in OOC"

Not in the Veteran Sever.

Random Death Randomly kills a player ingame. It could be you!

Not in the Veteran Sever.

None Event: None. So eventful!

Not in the Veteran Sever.

Q. How do I master a skill?Edit

A. Mastering is done by using the technique a large number of times. While it would be useful to make a list of masterable techniques, the amount of masterable techniques makes it easier for me to make a list of non-masterable techniques:

  • Attack
  • Cero
  • Bala
  • Gran Rey Cero
  • Soul Burial
  • Elbow Dart
  • Lanza del Relámpago(Cant Be Use To Master Ress Despair,)

To master Shikai/Bankai, slash 600 times for shikai-mastership, unless it has skills. In which case, simply use your skill 100 times, if it has more than one skill, then 100 times each.

For Bankai, simply activate it ALOT, which is the case with Power, or use the bankai's skills 400 times. Activate it 200 times for Power, since each time you activate Power it's a +2 usage gain. See the respective Release page, and go to the release you're after to see how it's mastered.

Q. Can I change my sword's release?Edit

A. Yes.

Shinigami: You must buy another katana from Hitsugaya or Urahara. It is called an Asauchi. By buying a new katana, your old one would be lost forever. This means must increase your sword bonding again to unlock your Shikai and defeat your materialization to unlock Bankai.

Arrancar: You will obtain a new Lanzamieto when you buy a new katana from Aizen. In addition, it will reset the mastery of your Lanzamieto.

Q. Can I change my Vizard mask?Edit

A. Yes, you can. First, you must become a human, do this by buying a gigai. Then, from there you need to become a Shinigami; simply do as you did the first time. After that, talk to any of the Vizards. Remember, there's a higher chance to get the mask you want via talking to the Vizard who owns the mask you're after.

Q. How come I am being killed by some guy named FHI, when my PVP is turned off?Edit

A. FHI is not a regular player, he is an npc or non playing characer. FHI stands for Full Hollow Ichigo based on Ichigo's true hollow form in the manga. Since he is an npc he attacks EVERYTHING that moves and gets in his way, even other npcs. He usually lurkes around Hueco Mundo but sometimes he follows his prey to other locations too. (Sorry if I spoiled anything for ya!)

Q.What are the class requirements? Edit

Vizard: hGene, 13,290 Health, 5,160 Reiatsu, 4,110 Zanjutsu. Talk to any Vizard in the hidden hangout.

Shinigami: 50 Reiatsu, 20 Hollow kills. Talk to Hisagi in the SS Academy.

Quincy: Level 40, 50 Hollow kills. Talk to Ryuuken in the Hospital to enter the training room.

Raincyr: hGene, Level 2000, maximum Leech, 200 Deaths. Requirements for the popup option: be eaten by a hollow/arrancar/raincyr (13%), 7000 arrow shots, level over 666, 200 deaths.

Vasto: Level 3250, 6500 Hollow kills, Adjuchas (which requires slit-eye Gillian), 10% chance every class change into Hollow.

Arrancar: Menos form or greater, 195,678 Health, 110,560 Stamina, 6,180 Reiatsu. Talk to Aizen in Las Noches. to get back ur quincy powers after you used your final form

A. wait 1 hour and 30min.

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