== Classes== Shinzui uses a special, dynamic class system that allows players to become a different class by passing specific requirements.

Class TransformationsEdit

Each class has a handful of other classes it can reach, and specific ways to do so.

Hint: In theory, any race can become human using a Gigai. It's useful for Quincy / Raincyr with Sanrei Glove activated, instead of breaking the glove to become a human (you'll have to wait 1 hour to become a Quincy again). So, ask for someone to give you a gigai, the limit of gigais that you can carry is 3. You can buy gigais from npcs Urahara / Hitsugaya, they costs 3000 yen each.


Human can become Soul, Quincy, or Hollow.
to Soul: Requirements: none Action: Die

to Quincy:
Requirements: 50 Hollow Kills; Spiritron training
Action: Talk to Ryuuken in the back of the hospital to undergo Spiritron training.
to Hollow:
Requirements: 5 deaths
Action: Die to a Hollow/Arrancar/Raincyr; 50% chance


Soul can become Human, Shinigami, or Hollow.
to Human:
Requirements: none
Action: Die
to Shinigami:
Requirements: 50 Reiatsu; 20 Hollow Kills
Action: Talk to Hisagi in Academy.
to Hollow:
Requirements: 5 deaths
Action: Die to a Hollow/Arrancar/Raincyr; 50% chance


Shinigami can become Human, Soul, Hollow, or Vizard.

to Human:
Requirements: Special Gigai, sold for 3000 yen inside of Urahara shop.
Action: Use the Gigai from your inventory. (There is a confirmation message.)

to Soul:
Requirements: A Shinigami wielding a sealed Zanpakutou that is a higher level than you and has Bankai.
Action: Die to said Shinigami; 45% chance
to Hollow:
Requirements: Fail Vizard test; fail requirements or 1-70% chance of automatic failure.
Action: Talk to Shinji. (Requires hGene.)
to Vizard:
Requirements: Pass Vizard test (high Health,Reiatsu, Zanjutsu); 30% chance at level 1, 99% chance max; hGene
Action: Talk to Shinji. (Requires hGene .)


Quincy can become Human, Hollow, and Raincyr.

to Human:
Requirements: Sanrei Glove, sold for 2500 yen inside of the Ishida Hospital.
Action: Master the Sanrei Glove(Shoot 500 Arrows,Progress will show after you shoot 25 arrows each time), then break it to activate Final Form.
to Human: Requirements: Resist Hollow Transformation; Fail Raincyr requirements; 10% chance of automatic Quincy powers loss
Action: Die to a Hollow/Arrancar/Raincyr; 13% chance for option with high level and deaths.
to Hollow:
Requirements: Give in to Hollow Transformation; Fail requirements; 34% chance of automatic failure
Action: Die to a Hollow/Arrancar/Raincyr; 13% chance for option with high level and deaths.
to Raincyr:
Requirements: Give in to Hollow Transformation; Pass Raincyr test (high Leech, Deaths, hGene); 66% chance
Action: Die to a Hollow/Arrancar/Raincyr; 13% chance for option with high level and deaths.



Hollow can become Soul or Arrancar.

to Soul:
Requirements: A Shinigami wielding a sealed Zanpakutou or Bankai released.
Action: Die to said Shinigami; 90% chance.
to Arrancar:
Requirements: Pass Arrancar test (high Health, Stamina, Reiatsu); Chance increases with Level, max at 99%
Action: Talk to Aizen at the top Las Noches.



These 3 classes are considered 'top tier' and do not have direct methods to become a different class. However, there are ways that work.

Vizard: to Human
Action: Use the Special Gigai as a Shinigami would.

Arrancar: Death has a 19% chance to trigger some options.

A box giving you 3 options will pop up.(Head,Body,Blade)

to Arrancar: "Head"

to Hollow: Select "Body"
to Shinigami: Select "Blade"

Raincyr: to Hollow
Action: Activate Final Form breaking your Sanrei glove*.

  • Breaking your glove means that you will have to wait 30 minutes ~ 1 hour to recover your quincy powers.

Class SkillsEdit


These two classes are bottom tier, and are unremarkable.
They possess no special skills of their own.


Arguably with the most diverse skill set, Shinigami can use both meele and long range spells, as well as Sword Releases.
Meele attacks can be performed with fists (Hakuda) or with the Zanpakutou equipped (Zanjutsu).
A Zanpakutou can unlock Shikai and Bankai abilities that change meele attacks, give new skills, and/or augment the character.
Shinigami may also attend occasional classes at the Academy to learn a new Kidou.


In addition to all of a Shinigami's abilities, Vizard gain the power to create a <a href="Masks">Hollow mask</a> to further augment their own skills.
This mask gives a powerful stat boost when in effect, increases movement speed, and allows the Vizard to use Cero. Cero: Creates a beam stretching several tiles in front of the user, doing continuous damage. Has a charge time and a cooldown. Mask: There are a variety of masks (See Mask). Each gives different boosts to a handful of stats; the total buff is 1200% across the board. (For all masks.)


The basic Hollow does not have much going for them in terms of abilities.
Upon birth, a Hollow is capable of using Garganta and Suppress Reiatsu. Garganta: Opens a portal to travel between Earth, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo. Suppress Reiatsu: Using a percentage input, others perceive the Hollow's reiatsu as lower than it actually is.
(This does not actually make you weaker, and only serves the purpose of fooling NPCs at the moment.)
After becoming a Menos they gain Cero. Cero: Creates a beam stretching several tiles in front of the user, doing continuous damage. Has a charge time and a cooldown.


To become an Arrancar talk to Aizen with the met requirements.


An interesting class, Quincy depend on leeching reiatsu from their surroundings. They utilize items that manipulate this reiatsu for use in combat.

Gritz: Moderately powerful binding comparable to #30s bakudou. Uses 1 silver tube with a range of 1. Volcore: Weak damage with a 40% chance to blind the victim. Uses 1 silver tube with a range of 2. Haizen: Moderately to strong lock-on projectile attack comparable to #70s hadou. Uses 4 silver tubes with a range of 6.

Items: Quincy Cross: All Quincy have this item, as it is the medium they use to form their bow weapons. Clicking on it toggles between fast, weak shots and strong, slower shots.

Hollow Bait: Used to attract wild hollows to the user's location. Intended as a way to continue training without having to seek them out. Also available in 'S' variety to attract stronger hollows.

Sanrei Glove: Almost a necessity for Quincy. Mastering this will double the effectiveness of leech, triple the maximum leech potential, and increase the range of leech by 1 (to 4 tiles away). When broken the effect is stacked again (x4 leech, x6 max potential from non-glove) but in addition the range is increased by a futher +2 (to 6 tiles).
To master a glove, you must shoot non-damaging arrows until your body can adjust. If training text is on there is a message displayed every 25 shots to let you know how many more until mastery.

Seele Schneider: The only Quincy weapon with a bladed edge. This is why Quincy still want to have high Zanjutsu. Once equipped, "Attack" slashes at the foe, allowing the Seele to steal some of their reiatsu. (This is stored in the weapon itself.) Using "Shoot" will fire it off as a projectile, doing increased damage that includes any stolen reiatsu.
After being equiped, it can be unequiped by clicking on the active Seele at the top of the Inv tab.


A fusion of Quincy and Hollow skills, Raincyr compares to Shinigami for skill diversity.
Not only do they retain Quincy leeching and reiatsu-based items, but also gain Hollow skills.

Hollow skills gained: Garganta, Cero. Kraft: Raincyr can further tap into Hollow powers with their Raincyr Cross, activating their Kraft bow. (See Releases)

Note: Quincy reiatsu is based entirely from leech from the environment. This is still present in Raincyr, but they have gained access to their own, personal reiatsu as well. Results in quite a significant boost in power and defense.

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