Chat ControlsEdit


.who Opens up a window showing who's online in other channels.
.say [text] Allows you to talk using the game window.
.hand OR .unhand .hand allows you to change your chat name, while .unhand allows you to remove it.
:[text] Allows you to use emotes (The white text in the screenshot)
.ask Makes a question stand out more.
.ans Makes an answer stand out more.
.join Allows you to join a chat.
.quit Exits the channel you're currently in.
.hub, .faq, .forums OR .wiki Links the game to the selected media. Example: .wiki would link to the official wiki.
.create Allows you to create your own chat. This can have a password if you wish.
.set Allows you to edit your own chat.
.req [class] Allows you to see the requirements for said class.
Example: .req vizard
.roll Rolls dice, generates a random number.
Example: .roll 2d6 would roll 2 dice with 6 numbers each.

STAFF CommandsEdit

.warn Allows you to warn a person in the chat.
.mute Mutes a person for a select ammount of minutes.
.rehand Changes someones chat handle to whatever you wish.
.tag Allows you to activate your tag, showing you're a member of staff.
.mod Temporarily sets someone to moderator. GM/Admin only.
.kick Kicks someone out of the chat for a select ammount of minutes.
.move Forces someone into another chat.
.log Opens a log of what's been said in OOC since the automated reboot.
.nohand Temporarily bans a handle from use.
.destroy Allows you to destroy a chat.

Allows a handle to be removed from use and unreserved. [handle] field is optional.

.off Turns the chat off for a maximum of 5 minutes (300 seconds) and only staff with their tag active can talk.
.on Turns the chat back on if it was turned off.
.ssj Gives your character super saiyan hair until it is turned off/you log off.

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