Basic Information About Release

Ability: Creates a large circle area, in which everyone besides the user cannot see more than a few tiles infront of them, and if mastered, cannot escape.

Unmastered: +30% to Accuracy. Those in the AoE are reduced to a 1x1 map view, or 2x2 if adjacent to the user. Those inside cannot target anything farther than 1 tile away from themselves

Mastered: +60% to Accuracy. Those inside the AoE can not exit it, except for the user.

How to Master this Release:

To Master: Affect many people or NPCs with Blind. For each single person or NPC in it at the time of activation, adds +1 to usage.

Usage to Master: 400.

Blind BankaiEdit

Inspired by Kaname Tousen, this Bankai holds the capability to greatly increase the chance of you hitting, while restricting your opponents view. While it is unable to be used near the spawn for obvious reasons, it is able to be extremely devastating to one who can use it well. Also useful as an 'escape' bankai, as you're able to trap (an) opponent(s) in it if it is mastered.

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